We have been making lawns, golf courses and estates beautiful.

About Us

Our Dedication to Aussie Lawns

Big River Instant Turf is a market leader in providing exceptional quality instant turf, with the excellence and service that comes from years of experience. Originally founded by Joe Erceg, this family-run operation has evolved into a professional team of turf experts, striving to provide you with the ultimate in instant lawn quality, year-round.

If we were to define our mission here at Big River Instant Turf, we would say we’re brining back the great Aussie lawn. How do we do that? We educate people about the benefits of having a lawn in their surrounding environment.

What We Do

What Makes Us Different

Our Commitment to Quality Turf

At Big River Instant Turf, we take a great deal of care over our turf. We understand that a healthy, lush lawn is like a breath of fresh air through your environment. And for that reason, we don’t use any chemical fertilsers.

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No Project Too Big, Or Too Small

At Big River Instant Turf, we’re able to adapt to your project, no matter how big or small. We supply several of Victoria’s most significant developers, as well as some of the state’s largest and most well respected landscape construction companies. We also service a range of retail nurseries, local government premises and private builders. Regardless of your project parameters, we can provide the perfect turf solutions.

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Our Turf

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Welcome to our Turf Section! Here, we take immense pride in offering you a premium selection of high-quality turf products for all your landscaping needs. Whether you're envisioning a lush, green lawn for your backyard, a vibrant playing surface for sports activities, or an inviting landscape for commercial spaces, we've got you covered.

Kikuyu Turf

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Santa Anna Couch Turf

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Supply And Install

Supply and Installation of Instant Turf

Commercial Turf Installation

Big River Instant Turf specialises in supplying and installing instant turf for parks, reserves, ovals and streetscapes for new developments. Big River Instant Turf has the capacity to install several thousand square metres of turf on a daily basis with our team of experienced turf installers.

Residential Turf Installation

If you’ve made the decision to transform your lawn with Big River Instant Turf, no doubt you want to match the quality of our turf with an excellent installation.

Self-Preparation Including Turf Installation

If you’re used to getting your hands dirty in the garden, and feel confident in tackling your turf installation yourself, then take a look at our easy to follow guide below: Step 1 - Preparation – A few weeks prior to turf installation, you’ll need to prepare the designated area by removing all weed matter, including roots. We recommend applying glyphosate better known as Round Up (this will kill the entire weed, including the roots). For the best final result, it’s also a good idea to rotary hoe the area and level off. Step 2 – Install topsoil – Sandy loam with a bit of organic matter is our recommended top soil. Lay at a depth of 50-70mm. Spread evenly across the area, before rolling the soil to create a firm, uniform base. Step 3 – Install turf – Spread a soil conditioner evenly over the surface (we recommend our Supercharge soil conditioner), using 20kgs per 50sqm. Start laying your turf from the outside edges, creating a border, and ensuring you stagger the joins like brickwork (to prevent the turf drying out). Lay each roll as close as possible to the next without overlapping. For best results, roll the new turf once it has been laid.

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